Private Treaty

Private treaty is how most property in WA is sold. The property is placed on the market for a price and sold via the buyer completing an "Offer and Acceptance" form.

The Offer and Acceptance can contain conditions set by the seller or the buyer but must be agreed to by all parties. Examples of conditions include finance, termite inspections and building inspection reports.

Private treaty is favoured by sellers mostly because it is the most well understood form of selling. Buyers generally know how to make an offer under this method and buyers also find that having an asking price is convenient and gives them confidence in making offers.

Marketing property under the private treaty method is customised to the individual residence. Digital media is prominent (websites, MMS) as is a "for sale" sign, brochures and home opens.


Auctions are without doubt the highest profile way to sell your home. There are so many benefits to auctioning; everyone should at least consider them. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of auctions...


The market dictates the price. People cannot be "put off" by the marketing price because there isn't one!
A 3 - 4 week marketing campaign only. If you are working to a time frame then this can be useful. It is rare for an auction campaign to drag out over months even if it doesn't sell "under the hammer."

Davey Real Estate is lucky to have one of WA's best auctioneers in the group. Rob Mason was a finalist at the 2009 REIWA Auctioneering Championships, runner-up at the 2011 REIWA Auctioneering Championships and the winner at the 2012, 2013 & 2014 REIWA Auctioneering Championships.


Auction conditions can be difficult for buyers to come to terms with, however with our new bidders registration forms some of the conditions can be varied prior to the auction.


What is a Discreet Marketing Programme?

The Discreet Marketing programme is simply a program designed to minimise the intrusive aspects of selling a property. Most vendors (sellers) do not want neighbours and other "stickybeaks" (people other than prospective buyers), inspecting the home or other people 'knowing their business'.

Because of Davey's strong market presence and because genuine buyers respond to effective advertising, the programme is flexible, but usually features;


With over 50 staff in our regional network, three strong offices and a large database of clients built over 45 years, there is no need for a for sale sign and no need to have your home open for inspection to be trampled through by people who are not genuine prospects.

Our research shows that genuine buyers normally work with several agents. This means that in the northern suburbs, there is a strong chance that at least one of our sales consultants will have a qualified buyer for your home.

You do not have the dreamers or time wasters poking about your home; our staff will only introduce qualified buyers.

Does it cost more?

The answer is "NO". There is no cost involved for selecting the "Discreet Marketing Programme" and in some situations the cost to you will be less!

Which homes are better suited to the system?

Any home can be introduced to the programme - your property included.

Your property does not have to be any particular price or style - there are benefits to all vendors - large expensive homes, small homes, villas, strata homes, or any other home or property. It is especially attractive to busy people, retirees or elderly people. There are also benefits for families with young children, because the Discreet Programme is less intrusive and your privacy is maintained.

How does the buyer know the price of my property?

We recommend that no asking price is set - i.e. a "Discreet Programme without a price". Qualified buyers "build" the price if they have an interest in the property. Believe it or not, our experience is that buyers for the property of interest have little trouble building the price to the vendor's expectations.

Imagine selling your home for a great price but with minimum hassle!

Is it necessary to sign up for a long time?

This is the beauty of this programme - it can be implemented for a short or long period. After just 7 days, you can withdraw from the programme by giving 48 hours' notice without any penalty. Indeed your property loses nothing from early withdrawal from the market because there is no for sale sign and the property does not become marked from a series of home opens.