Market appraisals are conducted by one of our professional team at Davey Real Estate to help you, the homeowner, with a guide of how much your property is worth, based on our knowledge of the local area and recent sale prices.

Timely Market Appraisals

When you’ve taken the time to fill out a long online form, it can be frustrating when the company doesn’t respond promptly – or at all! As professionals who have been in the property game for over 40 years, Davey Real Estate still value good customer service, so you can be assured you will receive an appraisal back within 48 hours.

As part of our market appraisal, you will receive:

  • Our expert opinion of price (sales or rental) PLUS;
  • A full report comparing your property to similar properties that have sold or rented and those currently on the market using data from CoreLogic.

The more information you can provide us with in the form below, the more accurate your report will be. If you need an appraisal quicker than this, please get in contact with us and we can try and meet your demands!

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