What is PM Live

PM Live is a feature offered by only a handful of real estate agents in WA. Why? 

1) It costs money 
2) It is difficult to set-up 
3) Other agents don't focus on their clients like we do! 

PM Live is integrated into our trust account data and allows owners of property that is being managed by Davey Real Estate to log in and view all their historical statements online. It is super convenient and very easy to use. Your accountant will love you! 

PM Live is your online portal for downloading and viewing invoices, monthly and yearly statements and much more.  It's just another way we make your busy life just that little bit easier.


PM Live is a fairly robust system but some clients have trouble loging in to their accounts from time to time.

Before you contact us, try the following tips:

1. Do not cut and paste your password or username into the login page. Hidden text or spaces can stop your login being successful.

2. Do not use a website bookmark or an old link to login.  Go to our website and click on the PM Live button directly. Sometimes the link is changed (rarely) and your access will be blocked. 

3. Check that you clicked on the correct office and the correct Tenant or Landlord category. 

4. Finally, you can find or change your password by clicking on the “Find my Password”

Most of the problems our clients have encountered can be resolved by following the above. If none of this works, or you are too busy to do the above, just send us an email and we’ll investigate the problem.

Landlord Logins Post July 2017  PM Live

Landlord Logins Prior to June 2017

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