7 Landlord tips that can help you lease your home

31/October/2019, Thursday

PropertyEvery home can be rented successfully. Whether you are a private landlord or working with a property manager, these tips are from someone inside the industry that has been working in the northern suburbs of Perth for over 15 years, leasing hundreds of properties over her journey.

Here are Kylie Harbo’s tips for renting a property without the heartache:

  1. Be negotiable on allowing pets, there are a lot of responsible pet owners out there, advertising “small pets considered” gives you the option to choose
  2. Presentation! A clutter free, well presented home will always be more appealing to tenants. Ensure the front of the property is looking good as most tenants will drive by before they make a serious enquiry to view
  3. Good working condition, look for small but important fixes, a key to all lockable device and RCDs and smoke alarms are a standard requirement
  4. Tick off as many luxury item boxes as you can, realestate.com.au report that Air conditioning and dishwasher are very high up on the list of items being ticked on the search criteria – so if you can provide these, you are going to be on more prospective tenants lists
  5. Professional photos are a must, you know the saying “a picture tells a thousand words”. To stand out against the others you must have good quality images. A floor plan is also something to consider.
  6. For Lease sign boards are an inexpensive option to have 24 hour exposure and it lets people that live close by that may not be actively looking that a property is available.  This is especially important for people living in that area that may want family or friends to move in close to them.
  7. and if your heart is not set on renting privately… Select a reputable agent that knows the market in your area, has maintenance contacts and opens the home by demand and over the weekend. Check out their google reviews for a start and rent property in the area.

If you can follow as many of these tips as you can, then you are on the path to success.

Kylie Harbo - SquareAbout Kylie Harbo

Ask anyone who has been in the real estate business for a decent amount of time, and they’ll tell you exactly that, property management is a tough gig. There are lots of long hours and there can be tense moments that challenge even the most professional of operators.

But after 15 years in this industry, Kylie has the same spring in her step as the first day she started her real estate career back in 2003 with the Davey Real Estate Group who have been a reputable real estate business since 1975.
Kylie puts this down to a few core elements that drive the way she does business and what she feels is key to a successful and rewarding career, which in turn translates to exceptional service for her clients.

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