Sorrento BP Redevelopment

26/August/2019, Monday

























A redevelopment has been on the cards for several years at the old BP Sorrento site and there has been some local rumours regarding the future of the site.

Now we’ve seen the application to council we now know that a full BP redevelopment is on the cards.  As a local that lives in the area, we think a redevelopment is long overdue, and personally we think most people that live locally will appreciate the upgraded facilities.

To see the redevelopment application details CLICK HERE

It also appears that BP has listened to the locals (and some not so locals) that have long had problems getting their bigger boats, heading towards Hillarys Boat Ramps, into and out of the garage. BP have designed it so that boats can easily access the fueling facilities.

The new BP will have a much better cafe and shop offering than currently available.

We also understand that their is some development plans next door to the BP garage which will improve the commercial and residential offerings for the area and have the potential to improve the immediate areas appeal but we’re waiting to get some more detail on the plans here.  We’ll add more detail in our blogs in the future when more detail comes to hand.

We’d like to hear from you. Do you like the concept (plans available on the link above) of a redeveloped service station. What else would you like to see in a BP service station that you have seen elsewhere?

What effect, if any, do you think the service station will have on the properties nearby?


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