Inspection Checklist


Suggested Cleaning Inside:

  • All tile/slate/vinyl floors to be mopped clean and any scuff marks to be scrubbed off
  • Carpets to be vacuumed Walls to be washed where there are grubby marks (wipe-carefully so paint does not come off)
  • Skirting boards to be wiped clear of dust (use damp cloth)
  • Cobwebs to be brushed off from the inside home of the home on cornices, ceilings and walls
  • Glass light fittings to be cleaned of dust, dead insects and cobwebs
  • Light switches to be wiped
  • Ceiling fans to be wiped clean, free of dust and cobwebs
  • Doors to be wiped of all marks
  • Stove including oven, shelves, racks, griller, trays, kick plate, control panel and exterior to be thoroughly cleaned
  • Exhaust fan covers to be taken down and washed in soapy water (bleach removes yellow stains) Benches to be wiped and clean
  • Kitchen sink to be cleaned
  • Shower curtains are to be washed and free of mildew
  • Shower recess to be cleaned; mould and grouting can be cleaned with either Domestos, Bleach or Exit Mould – this will remove any soap build up or mould
  • Bath and basin, shower tiles (including grouting) to be thoroughly cleaned and all traces of scum and mould to be removed
  • Toilet, s-bend, pedestal, seat, cover and cistern to be cleaned and disinfected
  • Laundry tub to be cleaned

Suggested Cleaning Outside:

  • Gardens are to be free of weeds, rubbish and leaves
  • Front and back verandas and paths to be swept and weeds to be removed
  • Lawns are to be mowed and edged Paths, driveways, patios, brick paving to be swept and clear of weeds
  • Cobwebs to be brushed down from outside, especially on eaves and patios
  • Pool to be cleaned and all equipment is to be stored in a safe area

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