Heather Simpson
Heather Simpson
Senior Property Manager

Heather Simpson commenced her Real Estate career as a receptionist in 1995, from here she moved into Sales Coordinator and then continued to becoming a certified property manager.

Heather likes the interaction with her clients. She loves that every day in property management as there is never a dull moment. She also gets to see some great properties with a variety of décor styles.
Heather’s background in banking and hospitality has given her first rate experience in customer service and communication skills – two of the many skills required to be a good property manager. Heather is well organised, efficient, polite and thoughtful.
She is always considerate, caring and mindful when dealing with her clients. A specialist when it comes to the Residential Tenancies Acts, Heather is also adept and compliant with the regulations.

Her people skills are unquestionable and, Heather is extremely qualified to manage your property efficiently.

In her spare time Heather enjoys spending time with her pets & grandchildren & loves being out in her garden.

At Davey, a Senior Property Manager is a title given to someone whom has performed the role of a Property Manager in excess of five years. A Senior Property Manager has generally experienced all aspects of Investment management, they are fluent in client communication, maintenance management, rent negotiations and court disputes.

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