Jennifer Worden
Jennifer Worden
Property Manager

Our Jennifer is our adept Property Manager whose rich background in hospitality brings a unique flair to her role. With diverse customer service experience, Jenn is well-equipped to handle all communications with a touch of love, care, and understanding. Her commitment to creating meaningful connections is evident in her ability to develop rapport with tenants and owners effortlessly.

Jennifer’s secret weapon lies in her bubbly and positive attitude, which she effortlessly incorporates into her client interactions. She excels in creating and nurturing wonderful relationships, ensuring that those under her care feel not just accommodated but genuinely safe and comfortable. Jennifer’s commitment to making the living experience positive and memorable is evident in every aspect of her role.

Jennifer goes beyond conventional property management by approaching her role with a keen focus on the well-being of both tenants and owners. A troubleshooter at heart, she tackles any issues with tenants or properties with diligence and dedication. Jennifer’s commitment extends to ensuring optimal investment outcomes—she diligently works to ensure all rents are paid on time and maintains our properties to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness.


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