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"Service like the good old days..."

Service Our modern world can be cold and impersonal. The reliance on emails and instant information has removed some of the personal touch that once was so important to the real estate experience. We are bringing back the personal touch, whilst making use of modern technology. Our philosophy is to maintain a high degree of personal interaction, whilst using modern systems and communications to keep you well informed and up-to-date. Where possible, we present important information and offers in person.

Your real estate experience with us should be comfortable and interactive.

Information Technology

"The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers." ~ Sydney J. Harris

Information Technology Real estate makes great use of technology. The industry is always looking at ways of making the process of searching for a property easier. Agencies that fail to make use of it are not delivering the best they can to their clients.

As people make better use of smart phones in particular, we have found better ways of keeping our clients informed and keeping in touch with our clients. Many of our staff have smart phones that synchronise with the Microsoft Exchange enabling us to get back to our clients emails at any hour of the day.

We were the first real estate group in Perth to install the interactive screens in our offices. This enabled people to send emails via the screen to our sales team at any time of the day. Constantly updated, they are a better alternative to brochure displays because it is never out of date.

It is possible that overuse of technology can make for a distant and somewhat cold relationship, but we use it to help you achieve your goals and to improve your experience.


"Team work is the cornerstone of our success."

Team work We work with you to achieve your goals. It is almost cliché in business for people to say they work as a team, but we have some examples that highlight the difference between us and our competition. We have setup an automatic payment system between our sales team, meaning our consultants welcome any other consultant from within the group to introduce buyers to your property – and they don’t need to discuss the terms because it is already known. This is a rarity in real estate, yet it works very well.

You can also see our teamwork in action at our auctions where you will get the entire office attending and many team members from other offices too. It’s just as well, because there are many roles needed at an auction to make sure it runs smoothly.


"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

Training Our staff are our asset, so we place a high emphasis on making sure they are the best they can be. Real estate is always changing – there are new rules, new technology, and of course an ever changing market to keep on top of. We don’t leave it up to our reps to train themselves – we organise advanced training sessions and have some of the best trainers in the industry within the group! As a result our people are some of the best informed in the industry, which helps you!

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