Selling Tips

Our experience has taught us some valuable lessons when marketing property. We have some valuable tips for anyone looking to present their property in the best possible way below:


a bright cheerful atmosphere will make your home look most appealing and put potential buyers into a relaxed state of mind. Open drapes and blinds during the day and turn on lights in all rooms for night-time showings.


a necessary chore for most home sellers. Pack away unnecessary items, toys and trinkets - clean and clear bench tops to enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses

these are the most important rooms and will be a focus for prospective buyers. Clean, clear and inviting with pleasant odours such as flowers or fresh coffee. Scrub tiles, ovens, range hoods and attend to any minor repairs.

Buyers need to feel "at home"

removing personal photos and effects, turning off TVs and stereos, removing pets and then "disappearing" yourself allows buyers the chance to imagine themselves living in the property without distractions.

Let your salesperson sell

refer any enquiries directly to your salesperson, never allow a "buyer" through your home or provide them with any information. Your salesperson is trained in negotiating and is dealing with buyers on a daily basis - and this is what you are paying them for!

Where to spend $ and not waste $

our experience is that money can be wisely spent improving both the sale price and saleability of the home. On the other hand, we have seen money wasted too. Your representative will help you with these decisions. As a general rule, spend money on the visible items especially at the front of the home and the obvious items inside.

Don't jump the gun

it is important to defer any buyer inspections, and therefore the marketing of your home until your property is fully prepared for sale. Finish any minor repairs and painting, all cleaning and gardening before you give your representative the green light to start getting the word out. Once the "for sale" sign goes up, it will start happening, so it's best to be prepared.