The Inception

It was 1975, a pivotal year for Peg Davey, a resilient woman from York. Having faced the tragic loss of her husband, she embarked on a journey to Perth in search of both employment and a fresh start for her five children. Determined to provide for her family, Peg dove into the world of real estate, capitalizing on her innate skills and relentless work ethic.

Years of dedication and perseverance in the study of Real Estate practice culminated in a remarkable opportunity: the chance to acquire the well-established coastal Agency of Roger’s Realty where her so-in-law Murray Lyon worked. Without hesitation, Peg. together with Murray and son Mal, seized the moment, taking the bold step to purchase the business and etch her name in the annals of local entrepreneurship. Thus, Davey Real Estate was born, its inception marking the beginning of a legacy that would endure for decades.

Nestled within the quaint confines of North Beach stood the old office a venerable structure steeped in history and nostalgia. Originally serving as a beachside tea room, the building had witnessed a transformation over the years, morphing into a bustling butcher shop before eventually finding its purpose as a bastion of real estate.

Remnants of its bygone eras lingered, with tales of horse watering troughs adorning its front, reminiscent of a simpler time.

Crafted from limestone and tin, the old office bore the scars of time, its weathered façade a testament to years of enduring summers’ scorching heat and winters’ biting cold. Despite its humble beginnings, the building had become a stalwart symbol of community and commerce, faithfully serving as the epicentre of real estate endeavours for over four decades.

Part Two

Yet, as the sands of time continued, change beckoned. In early 2019, Davey underwent a significant transition as its original office was sold, prompting a relocation just 100 meters away to the North Beach Shopping Centre. Despite the short distance, this move marked a pivotal moment for Davey, offering not only a change in scenery but also a fresh opportunity to engage with the community.

The new office, boasting captivating ocean views and the convenience of a bustling coffee shop just outside its doors, quickly became a focal point for locals and visitors alike. Even amidst the trials of the COVID-19 pandemic, Davey remained a steadfast presence in North Beach, with its prominence only growing as countless individuals traversed past the office daily, solidifying its place as an integral part of the community fabric. Over the years, this relocation further intertwines the Davey name with the essence of North Beach, reinforcing its reputation as a reliable and trusted entity within the area.

The Next Chapter

Nearly half a century later, Davey Real Estate stood poised at the threshold of a new chapter. Relocating to a modernized space on Flora Terrace, the agency embraced progress while preserving the indelible spirit of its originsa testament to Peg Davey’s enduring legacy and unwavering resilience. Of course, the Flora Tce shopping strip has its own rich history boasting two fuel stations, a large deli, a butcher and doctor’s surgeries. Today, Flora Tce is a sophisticated collection of elegant shopping outlets and popular eating spots and now a very modern bustling office of Davey Real Estate.

The history of “Davey” is long but the rich culture of Peg Davey continues. Yes, it is a family business (Executive Director Andrew is the third generation!) that fiercely sticks to promoting family values. The new office will continue to showcase the family traditions of integrity and working together to provide outstanding service to their clients. The new office will open at the end of March/early April 2024.