Property Management, Real Estate11/07/2024

WA Rental Reforms 2024

New reforms for renters have hit our market in WA.  Every landlord needs to know and understand the changes that have arrived and are about to hit. We’ve broken down the key points below, but if you want to fast-track…

Investment, Property Management02/08/2022

Perth Investment property depreciation

UNLOCK THE POTENTIAL IN YOUR INVESTMENT PROPERTY You may have owned an investment property for some time, but have you made sure that you have maximised the potential of your investment? This means not only achieving a market rent and…

Property Management30/07/2022

Best Property Managers in Perth

Proving you have the best property managers in Perth is difficult. We rely on word of mouth and and a few brags on social media. Well maybe we can now show you. Introducing you to the Net Presenter Score (NPS)…

Property Management18/07/2022

What Property Management fees should you pay in Perth?

Understanding what Property Management Fees you should pay in Perth can be confusing and complex. With so many different fees it is easy to be unsure about what you get for your money. We are here to peel back the…

Property Management10/04/2022

Breaking a lease in WA

There has been a significant increase in people breaking a lease in WA over the past 18 months, which has major implications for landlords and tenants alike. No matter what side of the fence you’re on, this information will give…

Property Management31/10/2019

7 landlord tips that can help you lease your home

Every home can be rented successfully. Whether you are a private landlord or working with a property manager, these 7 landlord tips that can help you lease your home are from someone inside the industry that has been working in…

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