Deshere Villason
Deshere Villason
Remote Professional

Deshere, also known as Desh, is from the Philippines and began her career at Wingman in June 2023 as an Assistant Property Manager. Before transitioning to this role, she worked in the banking industry, where she developed strong skills in loans. The shift to working online suited her lifestyle and allowed her to explore new professional avenues.

In her free time, Desh is passionate about gardening, finding joy and relaxation in nurturing veggies, and playing with furry friends. She also loves swimming, which provides her with a refreshing way to stay active. Cooking is another one of her favourite pastimes, and she enjoys experimenting with new recipes and flavours in the kitchen. Additionally, Desh has a strong affinity for outdoor adventures, often exploring new places and engaging in different activities that allow her to connect with nature.

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