Lauren Robinson
Lauren Robinson
Sales Consultant

Ambitious to redefine what it means to be a Sales Consultant, Lauren is a pleasant rare encounter. Her ability to lift a room and find connection with everyone she meets is recognised and positively recalled by clients for years to come.

An unparalleled commitment to achieve, Laurens dedication to provide a stress free, end to end service sets her apart from the rest. And it’s this dedication that builds the kind of relationship you seek from your real estate professional.

Coming from industries that value innovation, creativity and craftsmanship Lauren’s earlier career within Interior Designer and Marketing/PR has been of an advantage to her clients.

Pragmatic, kind-hearted and complete integrity; The way Lauren works and manages each listing reflects her moral principles.

Lauren believes home is defined by the people you share your life with, and if you’re really lucky, that life will be on Perth’s beautiful west coast!


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