Tyson Barry
Tyson Barry
Sales Consultant

Since joining Davey Real Estate over three years ago, Tyson Barry has established himself as an expert in his area and developed a strong passion for the Padbury community where he operates. Known for his cool, calm confidence, friendly smile and upbeat energy, Tyson never fails to bring positivity to his colleagues and clients. His enthusiastic approach and drive for real estate has earned him multiple awards on a quarterly and annual basis within the group.

In 2021, Tyson as awarded with the prestigious Davey Rising Star, recognising his outstanding achievements and potential in the industry. He continues to strive for nothing but the best and consistently delivers fantastic results that showcase his dedication and passion for real estate. Tyson’s commitment to providing the best outcomes for his clients is evident in his track record of success and his ongoing pursuit of excellence. Hs ability to connect with people make him a trusted and respected agent within the Padbury community and beyond.

Tyson Barry is a dedicated real estate agent who brings a combination of determination, communication skills and a strong work ethic to his clients. With a decade of experience working alongside, and now in the real estate industry, Tyson understands the importance of ensuring clients’ complete satisfaction throughout the sales process.

One of Tyson’s key qualities is his caring nature, which drives him to always prioritise his clients’ best interests. He goes the extra mile to achieve the best outcome for them. Having been born and raised in Perth, Tyson possesses exceptional familiarity with the Northern suburbs, giving him valuable knowledge of the local housing market’s competitiveness.

Tyson’s previous experience as a restaurant manager in the hospitality industry has equipped him with strong customer service skills. His background enables him to communicate effectively with people and help make their real estate experiences as stress-free as possible. His relationships with clients are built on honesty and transparency, which has earned him a trustworthy and reliable reputation within the industry.

Recognising that each client and home is unique, Tyson strives to personalise his service according to the specific demands of his clients. He takes pride in being approachable and realistic, ensuring that his clients understand what is achievable and working together to make it happen. Tyson’s immense passion for success in real estate guarantees his clients the best possible outcome.

If you have any real estate needs, Tyson Barry is the agent to contact.


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