Are you looking for Rezoning, R-Codes and Subdivision Facts for Sorrento? Are you looking to buy smart or sell savvy by taking advantage of the new (implemented January 2016) R-Code changes in Sorrento and want some rezoning and subdivision facts? You have come to the right place.

We will explain the basics of Sorrento R-Codes and the changes that have come through . We know you will want to know what it means to you as a buyer or as a seller. Before we begin, we must point out that any advice here should be corroborated by checking in with a surveyor. A very good local one is Lester Surveys located in the North Beach shopping center.

What are R-Codes?

R-Codes is real estate lingo for Residential Design Codes and they outline the rules and regulations for designing residential property in Western Australia. Easy right? Well not exactly because lurking behind the R-Codes is a series of complicated rules that are sometime open to interpretation. Enter a knowledgeable real estate agent (with an equally knowledgeable surveyor by their side). A real estate agent can interpret the R-Codes. We apply them to your specific property and can unlock potential that you would have never known existed. For example, did you know that in Sorrento there are many rear laneways (we call them Right of Ways – or R.O.W.) and you can, in certain circumstances, add 50% of the area of the laneway to your property for the purposes of calculating area? And there are plenty of other “tricks” out there too.

What do the R-Code numbers mean – R20, R25, R30, R60?

The most significant change in Sorrento is that some areas are given duel zoning. They are all R20 but some specific areas can apply for R25. A long time ago R20 meant that you could fit 20 blocks onto 10,000 sqm (or 2 blocks in 1,000sqm). R25 meant 25 blocks in 10,000sqm. R25 allows for higher density but it isn’t so straightforward.

For Sorrento residents the common land size in the redevelopment area is 711sqm. With a R.O.W. at the back then the block can be subdivided into two lots – providing some important design rules are followed. In fact the only area in the Sorrento Rezoning plan (Housing Opportunity Area) that does not have a R.O.W. running parallel to the road is Syree Court and Arkwell Way, but subdivision is still possible there too.
If you want an updated map of any re-zoned area (Northern Suburbs) just email me today – my details are below.

Sorrento Subdivision, R-Codes and Re-Zoning or Housing Opportunity Area

Sorrento Housing Opportunity Area 3

Sorrento Rezoning, R-Codes and Subdivision FAQ’s

I found a property that is advertised as “sub dividable” – what should I do before I make an offer?
Get a sketch of the block if it is available and take it to a real estate agent or better still, a surveyor. Get an assessment from them – most, like Lester Surveys, will do this free of charge. Once you are satisified, place an offer on the property “subject to a Due Diligence Clause” being added. Once again a good agent will know how to write this up to protect you from buying a “dud” block. A due diligence clause normally gives you a number of days (you specify how many) to seek advice on the suitability of the block – this is where you will need your surveyor. Chat to the council as well about anything that may stop you doing what you want to do.

Is my property worth more now?
Rezoning has pushed prices up in Sorrento and in other areas that have it. Falling outside of the zoning area will still see a benefit. Prices don’t fall off a cliff once you are outside the zone. Improved property prices in a patch has a ripple effect further out. Increased development will bring new and modern properties to an area that had largely old and sometime dilapidated buildings in it. This improves prices to the whole area.

Need more Sorrento Rezoning, R-Codes and Subdivision Facts?

Don’t worry, we can help. Send me via email the street address (even one currently for sale) of the property you want information for, and I’ll give you the following:

  • Confirmation you are in/out of the re-zoning area
  • A copy of the re-zoning map
  • R-Code table with minimum setbacks, frontages and ratio’s for property in Sorrento, Hillarys, Marmion and Watermans Bay
  • A “sight unseen” estimate if you can sub-divide the property or not
  • Optional: A FREE written estimate of the value of your property compared to similar properties I have and others have sold in the area

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